Ask the Official: Does play stop immediately if player is body checked through one of the doors?


By Dave Zednik

QUESTION: Does play have to stop immediately if a player is body checked through one of the doors (ice resurfacer door) and it is swinging open. Or does play only stop if there is not an immediate scoring opportunity?

ANSWER: This question is a little difficult to answer without seeing the incident first-hand. The situation might depend on whether the door was a team bench door, a penalty box door, an entrance/exit door or a resurfacer door. If the player immediately gets back up, there is no threat of injury and the door can be immediately closed (team bench or penalty box) then it’s possible play could continue. However, a resurfacer door or rink entrance/exit door would likely require an immediate stoppage so the door can be closed. Due to a reasonable possibility that a player could be seriously injured by falling through a door, the officials should always err on the side of caution when determining whether to stop play.

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