Explaining USA Hockey Insurance: Part I – Participant Accident (Excess) Coverage

Recently we informed you that by registering as a member of USA Hockey you are automatically enrolled in the USA Hockey insurance program. Your participation and registration with USAH affords you insurance coverage in 5 different areas: Excess Accident, Catastrophic, Liability, Directors & Officers Liability and Crime. In this 5-part series, Central District Risk Manager, Don Allord takes an in depth look at each of the areas of coverage. Part I of our series focuses on Participant Accident (Excess) Coverage.

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PART I: Participant Accident (Excess) Coverage

This coverage is provided for registered members participating on all USA Hockey registered ice hockey teams and registered officials. Covered medical and dental expenses are payable, secondary to any valid and collectible insurance the registered member has in force at the time of the accident. The member must meet a $1,000 out of pocket expense obligation, per accident, before this coverage begins. If the registered member has no valid and collectible insurance in force at the time of the accident, a deductible of $3,500, per accident, will apply.

To file an accident claim, contact Member Services at 800-566-3288 x-123 on the USA Hockey website under Membership Insurance.

Participant Accident (Excess) provides coverage, on an excess basis, for accidental medical expenses, accidental death and dismemberment, and/or paralysis resulting from an accidental bodily injury while participating as a member of a registered team during a USA Hockey sanctioned game, a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament game, controlled scrimmage or practice session involving ice hockey. The coverage also extends to volunteers of USA Hockey while acting within the scope of their direct responsibilities on behalf of USA Hockey. A member is also covered on an excess basis while traveling, as a team, directly to and from a sanctioned game or official tournament in which their team is scheduled to participate. Coverage to and or from practice sessions is excluded.

NOTE: USA Hockey insurance coverage is NOT provided while participating with non-USA Hockey registered members/teams or tournaments. USA Hockey teams may be registered additionally with another organization and participate in tournaments outside of the USA Hockey approved events. These teams are commonly mite-full-ice or mite-tournament adjuncts to local organizations.

Referees should note that insurance coverage as well as administrative support is not provided for non-sanctioned leagues. Contact your scheduler for a list of sanctioned teams/leagues.

Coverage Benefits for Eligible Members

Accidental (Excess) Medical Expense – The coverage may pay up to a maximum of $50,000 for covered medical expenses incurred for medically necessary treatment required as a result of an accidental bodily injury. There are limited dental and physical therapy benefits. The first bills for any covered expenses must be incurred within 30 days of the accidental bodily injury.

  • $10,000 Accidental Death and Coma – Loss must occur within one year from the date of the accident
  • $12,500 Loss of Sight
  • $18,750 Dismemberment or Paralysis of an arm or leg
  • $12,500 Dismemberment of hand or foot

Covered Expenses mean those expenses incurred within two years from the covered accident date and submitted no later than 15 months from when the expense incurred. Do Not Wait until your primary insurance has completely finished your claim before sending in your USAH claim form.

Next Month – PART 2: Catastrophic Coverage


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