2016-17 NIHL Academic Excellence Awards

By Sue D’Anza, NIHL Registrar


As the end of the 2016-17 hockey season draws to a close, I am here to remind you that the deadline for NIHL’s Academic Excellence program is only a few weeks away. As of this writing, out of nearly 5000 skaters in NIHL only just over 100 are on the academic list. We can do better than that!

If your NIHL player is in grades 1 through 8, they must send a copy of their report card from any grading period showing straight A’s (not including P.E.). If your school or district gives something other than typical letter grades – shapes, numbers, colors, etc. – we will accept the best grade available as an “A”.

If your player is in high school, they must send a copy of their report card from any grading period showing they have made the “B” Honor Roll or have a “B” average (again, not including P.E.). Don’t forget to mark the box indicating a high school player.

Each recipient will receive two free tickets to a Chicago Wolves game and their name posted on the NIHL website. High school students will also receive an Academic Excellence plaque.

The forms and all other necessary information are on the NIHL web site. You have until April 1, 2017 to get these in. Let’s show Illinois that NIHL players are just as amazing in the classroom as they are on the ice!

Click HERE to view Current List of Academic Excellence Award Recipients


Click HERE for Academic Excellence Program Details

Click HERE for Wolves’ Ticket Order Form


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