Chicago Blackhawks January Youth Hockey Referee Spotlight: Chris Lubera & Josh Baggett

The Youth Hockey Referee Spotlight highlights two amateur hockey referees from Illinois per month and gives them the opportunity to attend a Blackhawks game and meet the NHL refs prior to puck drop. The impact and contribution of youth referees in hockey is as important as the players, and this is a great opportunity to reward them for their contributions. AHAI congratulates Chris Lubera and Josh Baggett!


Meet: Chris Lubera

  • Currently studying computer science at Montana State University.
  • Started reffing on year off between high school and college, just for something fun to do during free time.
  • Played for Lyons Township high school varsity up until graduation in 2015.
  • Hobbies include pick up/rat hockey, working with computers and music.

Meet: Josh Baggett

  • Originally from St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in 2014.
  • Works in advertising and hobbies include golfing and running along the lakefront.
  • In third year officiating and a member of IHOA’s Advanced Development Program and Mentor Program.
  • Hopes to work NCAA or pro hockey.
  • Enjoys making positive connections with coaches, players and other officials.

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