Explaining USA Hockey Insurance: Part III – Catastrophic Coverage

Recently we informed you that by registering as a member of USA Hockey you are automatically enrolled in the USA Hockey insurance program. Your participation and registration with USA Hockey affords you insurance coverage in 5 different areas: Excess Accident, Catastrophic, Liability, Directors & Officers Liability and Crime. In this 5-part series, Central District Risk Manager, Don Allord takes an in depth look at each of the areas of coverage. Part III of our series focuses on Catastrophic Coverage.


Catastrophic injury insurance provides $2,000,000 insurance for a seriously injured member’s medical, dental or rehabilitation expenses which are greater than $50,000, which is the policy deductible. An important policy benefit is the provision of case management/assistance services.

Description of Coverage

The Catastrophic Injury Insurance coverage provides up to $2,000,000 of benefits to an eligible, insured person, during their lifetime, subject to satisfying the policy’s $50,000 deductible, within a two year period for losses due to a catastrophic injury in excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.

What is a Covered Event?

A competition, game or event which is sponsored or sanctioned by USA Hockey or its affiliated associations and includes pre-competition activities and practice sessions, which are authorized, organized and supervised by the team’s coach or other adult designated by the team’s coach to supervise and coordinate such practice activities. The competition and practice sessions will be comprised of players, coaches and officials that are registered with USA Hockey and the players and coaches will be on a registered team. Travel to and from practice sessions is excluded.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

An injury that is sustained by an insured person during participation in a sanctioned event or covered activity, including:

  • While participating in a sanctioned event or performing directly assigned duties in connection with a sanctioned event: or
  • While traveling as a team to and from the location of a sanctioned game; or
  • While the insured person is engaged in an activity or on travel that is authorized by USA Hockey’s National Staff, during a temporary stay at the location of a sanctioned event; and
  • Which results in a bodily injury to the insured person, who incurs a minimum of $50,000 or more of medical or dental (or a combination of these) expenses, hereafter called the deductible) which is expended within two (2) years from the date of the covered accident
  • Note: make sure you are playing in a USA Hockey sanctioned event (tournaments) and playing USA Hockey registered teams with USA Hockey officials displaying the current crest on the sweater; crests expire on November 30 each year.
  • Losses of this nature should be immediately reported to the District Risk Manager

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