IHOA & AHAI Recognize the Officials Who Worked the 2017 Illinois State Hockey Championship Games

By Michael Barrett, Illinois Referee in Chief & AHAI Supervisor of Officials


IHOA and AHAI congratulates the officials who earned the opportunity to work the championship games at the United Center on Friday, March 17, 2017.

As we know, there are other high school championship games which also occurred in March and I would like to acknowledge the following officials who worked the following games:

White Division Varsity
Eric Sale, Joe Marszalek, Nolan Kremer, Justin Baugher

Junior Varsity
Joe Hederman, Danny Miletic, Jeremy Bilecki

Junior Varsity Combined
Jameson Gronert, Jeremy Bilecki, Joe Hederman


Additionally, the following officials worked the championship games throughout the state at the following levels:

Tier I: Kyle Federkins, Anthony Rossi, Jeffrey Neumann, Brad Baumruck, Scott Silz, Joe Marszalek, Don Langland, Yura Letuchy, James Warrick, Mike Silenzi, Steven Rickard, Neil Protter, Jack Young, Andres Cruz, Dave Ballantyne, Ryan Walters, Michael Novak, Matthew Bleck, Michael Seery, Jeremy Bilecki, Jameson Gronert, Dustyn Rasmussen, Jeremy Zabrinas, Karch Weyermuller, Michael Verdonck, Matthew Memolo, John Cerza, Brian Fisher, Trent Flory, and Michael Warrick.

Tier II: John Van Ermen, Nathaniel Cyranek, Andrew Weidig, Steven Weidig, Peter Alfano, Timothy Ryan, Bryan Dorynek, Keli Dorynek, Adam Winiecke, Eric Peterson, Rich Freni, Christopher Buti, Thomas Zschach, Ken Zschach, Connor McCrea, John Benoit, Kayla Pagani, Bob Pagani, Brian Hamilton, Nick Hamilton. Ed Belliveau, Eddie Belliveau, Scott Allord, Scott Shepard, William Rinaldi. Heather Ruchim, Anthony Fiorito, Jeremy Zabrinas, Joe Kerulis, John Oldenburg Jr, Greg Ellwanger, Christopher Gergits, Thomas Gergits, Don Mrozik, Tyler Mrozik, Rich Board, Evan Sedall, Ernie Kaplan. Jack Young, Nick Jacobs, Michael Pleshar, Cameron Conner, David Nelson, Mathias Cyranek, Dustyn Rasmussen, Jeremy  and Michael Seery.

Girls: Keli Dorynek, Terry McLoughlin, Anthony Fiorito, Bryan Dorynek, Michael Ifkovits, Jameson Gronert, Kendall Hanley, Greg Ellwanger, Steve Feinstein, Ron Nicholson, Robert Fiorio, Steven Weidig, Gary Poteshman, Anthony Rossi, Andrew Weidig, Rick Prondzinski, John Coleman, Eric Peterson, Matthew Memolo, Eric Cowsill, Matt Neubauer, Michelle Lichterman, Robert Blendow, Jeff Ifkovits, Scott Silz, William Stancik , Scott Shepard, Steven Gentile, Joseph Guzzardi, Aaron White, Thomas Norden, Luke Franco, Daniel Neumann, Stephen Wilkins, Kevin Brophy, Andy Martin, Heather Ruchim, Kyle Federkins, Rich Freni, Eric Peterson, Connor McCrea, Scott Shepard, Peter Alfano, Frank Fortuna, George Cecala, Thomas Maglione, William Rinaldi, Jack Young, and Jeremy Zarth.

All of the officials identified above performed admirably throughout the various state tournament sites. Additionally, as a result of their efforts throughout the year, each of these officials earned the opportunity to work these games and their hard work and dedication to this great game was recognized by AHAI and IHOA.

As a roundup for this past season, by and large, the feedback received from the hockey community contains very favorable opinions about the officiating provided to the organizations and leagues. I believe these favorable comments are a testament to the efforts and talents of the IHOA officiating community and the IHOA Board to make the games enjoyable and fairly played.

When more than 28,000 games are played throughout the state on an annual basis, there are always bumps in the road, but as long as the officiating community is working to make the game better for all participants, everyone benefits.

As a final note, a friendly reminder that the IHOA Annual Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 8, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the AHAI Center in Bensenville, Illinois. During the Annual Meeting, 5 Board positions are available for election. I will provide everyone with additional information next month.

As always, thank you for your contributions to the great game of ice hockey.

In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming spring!

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