Ask the Official: Minor Penalties/4 on 4


QUESTION: Team A received a minor penalty at 4:30 of the period. Team B received a minor penalty at 4:00 of the period. Team B scores a goal at 3:45 of the period. Does Team A penalized player get to leave penalty box or the fact that the teams are playing at even strength (4 on 4) when goal is scored negate the player from Team A leaving the box?

ANSWER: Rule 402(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states, “If the opposing team scores a goal while a team is shorthanded (below the on ice numerical strength of its opponent at the time of the goal) by one or more minor penalties, one of such penalties shall automatically terminate. The penalty that terminates automatically is the first minor or bench minor penalty (non-coincidental) then being served by the “shorthanded” team. This rule shall not apply when a goal is scored on a penalty shot or an awarded goal”. Therefore, if the teams are playing 4 on 4 and one team scores, neither penalty is terminated as a result of the goal.

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