Ask the Official: Official Error & Disallowing Goal


QUESTION: The officials in error started play with Team A having too many men on ice, but never noticed until Team A scored a goal and then admitted that they missed the extra skater until after the goal was scored. What would have been the correct call in this situation?

ANSWER: Rule 629(c) in the USAH Playing Rules states, “If a player illegally enters the game either from the players’ bench or penalty bench (Timekeeper error or not), any goal that is scored by the offending team while he is illegally on the ice shall be disallowed. However, all penalties assessed to either team shall be served in the normal manner.”

If the player was accidentally (but still illegally) placed on the ice and the game officials drop the puck, play should immediately be stopped. If the offending team scores a goal, the goal should be disallowed. The officials should explain the situation (disallow the goal & assess no additional penalty due to error), accept a reasonable amount of grief from coaches, and resume the game with the correct number of players on the ice.

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