Girls Illinois America’s Showcase Team – Day 1 Wrap-up

By Anita Lichterman, Team Manager

This morning’s game was against Northern Plains. It was a hard-fought game. We were down 4-1 at one point and came back in the 3rd period with 2 goals to bring the score to 4-3.  The girls applied lots of pressure and pulled our goalie, but we just couldn’t put the puck in the net one more time to tie it up. The girls played great and really started coming together towards the end of the 1st period.

This evening’s game found us a little flat footed and in a big hole after 2 periods of play; we were down 7-0. The coaching staff told the girls not to look at the score board but rather go out there and show the scouts that as players our girls do not give up!!

In the huddle before the start of the 3rd period and our team cheer, a player shouted…let’s win this period! The Illinois Girls did just that by taking the goose egg off the board by scoring a goal. All the girls played hard until the final horn and skated off the ice with smiles because they won the period!!

The girls are playing well together off the ice and are showing a different type of friendship/teammates that is rare and special. This is a great team of young ladies. Three of our players were talked to by scouts from California and the University of Pennsylvania.

Our next game is tomorrow morning at 10am against a very tough Indiana team. Good luck, girls!

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