Girls’ Illinois Showcase Team America’s Showcase Wrap-Up

By Anita Lichterman, Team Manager

By the end of the America’s Showcase weekend in Pittsburgh, all 3 seniors on the Girls’ Illinois Showcase team had been approached by scouts and several juniors who had previously made contact with colleges sent scouts to watch them play. America’s Showcase is not about winning or losing the games; it’s about the players showcasing their talents and how they react to whatever might happen during the game. It’s about showing who you are in a very team oriented sport.

Our Illinois Girls Team never gave up, played as a team, encouraged each other, worked together and became friends with young woman/hockey players they didn’t know before. This is what made our weekend very successful, despite our tough losses to Northern Plains (3-4), Atlantic Red (1-7), Indiana (1-8) and New York (1-6). Great job, girls…we are very proud of your efforts!


Illinois vs. Northern Plains (3-4) – goals scored by Fairly (Kaczmarek, Patton), Jensen (Patton) and Spiller (Lhotak); Scislowicz (G) made 22 saves

Illinois vs. Atlantic Red (1-7) – goal scored by Jensen (Schumacher); Scislowicz made 24 saves

Indiana vs. Illinois (8-1) – goal scored by Patton (Jensen); Scislowicz made 36 saves

New York vs. Illinois (6-1) – goal scored by Wilson (Schumacher); Scislowicz made 36 saves


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