Ask the Official: Penalty for verbally abusing members of officiating team to the point of threatening physical harm outside the ice arena

By Dave Zednik

QUESTION: After the conclusion of the game and outside the ice arena in the parking lot, a coach approaches members of the officiating team and verbally abuses them to the point of threatening physical harm, but no physical harm actually takes place. What would be the severest penalty that could be applied here and under which ruling, if not 601?

ANSWER: Since the game has ended there is no possible way to assess any further penalties. However, a match penalty does not have to be assessed for an incident to be reviewed by a local disciplinary body. If the incident takes place in the lobby or parking lot, the officials should submit a report to their Local or State Supervisor of Officials who can forward the matter to either the Local Hockey Association or State Affiliate body. This local disciplinary body has the authority to impose whatever discipline they deem fit.

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