Ask the Official: Coincidental & Non-Coincidental Penalties

By Dave Zednik


QUESTION: Can you please give more clarification for coincidental and non-coincidental penalties?

ANSWER: In regard to your question about penalties,

  • COINCIDENTAL PENALTIES: Penalties of exact same duration (2 mins, 5 mins, etc.) that are assessed to two opponents at the same stoppage of play. These penalties will cancel in regard to on-ice strength, which means both teams will immediately place substitutes on the ice and play will resume at the on-ice strength before the penalties occurred. Both players will exit the penalty bench at the first stoppage after their penalties expire.
  • NON-COINCIDENTAL PENALTIES: Penalties of different duration (Team A: 2 min & Team B: 5 min) that are assessed to two opponents at the same stoppage. Neither player will be substituted for on the ice, and both players may leave the penalty bench immediately following the expiration of their penalties.

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