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QUESTION: We have a question regarding State Tournament eligibility as it relates to AAA game counts. As I’m sure you know, Nashville and AIC (formally Affton) are Tier 1 teams participating this season in the CSDHL. Would CSDHL league games against these opponents count against the AAA game limit? We are working on entering our CSDHL teams into tournaments for the upcoming season and we want to be mindful of the State Tournament requirements during our selection process. Thanks for your assistance.

ANSWER: The short answer is yes – if the team is registered as AAA it is a game played. Please see complete rule below or refer to pages 56-57 in the AHAI Guidebook. Out of Tier Game Limits. Tier II and Tier III teams may not participate, for the current playing season, in games against higher tier teams above the out-of-tier game limit maximums listed in section, regardless of whether those games are in Showcases, Tournaments, or otherwise.

  • Midgets 60 game max under Rule 1.3 = 20 max outside tier level
  • Bantams 50 game max under Rule 1.3 = 13 max outside tier level
  • Pee Wee 45 game max under Rule 1.3 = 12 max outside tier level
  • Squirt 40 game max under Rule 1.3 = 10 games outside tier level

Explanation of limits described above: Rule 1.3 establishes the maximum number of games a team at each level may play in a season. For Squirt, Pee Wee Bantam and Midget teams, this rule establishes a limit on the number of games such teams may play against higher tier teams in a season. For example, the squirt maximum game limit is 40, therefore no squirt Tier II team may play more than 10 games against Tier I teams. Every game played in Showcases or Tournaments against a team at a higher tier level as defined under Rule counts against the limits, regardless of how either team is registered in the Showcase or Tournament. No Tier II or Tier III team may participate in any Tier I or Tier II league, respectively. League playoff and State Tournament games are NOT included in determining maximum game counts. Definitions.

Definition of a game: For the purposes of this rule, the definition of what constitutes a “game” shall include the definition of that term as found in Section VIII-A of the 2015-16 USA Hockey Rules & Regulations, and shall also mean the following, whichever is more expansive: A contest between two separate, rostered, teams that uses one or more Officials, is played under the applicable USA Hockey Official Rules of Ice Hockey, and a time clock is used regardless of the length of the periods. Definition of a team’s tier level: A team’s tier level is determined by the Division and Category designated on their USA Hockey Certified Roster. Penalties. Enforcement of this rule shall be the responsibility of the AHAI State Tournament Committee. That Committee, or its chairperson acting alone if required by the circumstances, shall decide a claim that a team has violated the rule. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 9 (Disciplinary Action) of AHAI’s Rules & Regulations, the Committee or its chairperson is empowered to take action without holding a hearing if the time between AHAI’s awareness of the alleged violation and the start of the state tournament does not reasonably allow a hearing to be held. Violation of this rule shall disqualify the team from participating in the AHAI state tournament. In addition, the Team’s Association, Team coaches and managers may be referred to AHAI Rules and Ethics Committee for possible further discipline.

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