Attention Tier I Players, Parents & Coaches: Notable Changes for the 2017-18 Season

By Mike Mullally, AHAI Tier I Chairman

Hope you are having a great summer. As we are about to get rolling on the 2017-18 season I thought I would share some rule changes that will apply this year.

  1. The girls and youth 14U teams cannot have any players of 12U age on their rosters if they want to be eligible for the AHAI State Tournament or the USAH district or national tournaments. So you can do it, but you would not be eligible for State. Right now this has no effect on our Tier 1 teams.
  2. The AHAI/Illinois girls Tier 1 teams are limited in number by age for national bound divisions to 4 14U, 3 16U and 2 19U. That is the national USAH agreement. However, AHAI has invoked the “grandfather clause” and will be able to field 4 Tier 1 girls teams at each nationally bound age level, not withstanding, all 4 clubs must continuously field those teams. Any club that fails to field a team at a given level, will lose that team in the future as well (unless the total number of girls at that age level increases to allow 20% tier 1 girls).  If you have any question on this rule please contact Mike Mullally at
  3. While the new USAH Playing Rules book does state on page 77, rule 264,h. that the icing change applies to 16U and up, it does include the 15’s for Tier 1. The 15’s are considered a part of the U16’s and thus are exempt from this rule, as was the original intent.
  4. Coaches must be CEP, Module correct, current on SafeSport, and AHAI screened before they can be put on a roster. So before your first game – make sure your coaches are all up to date! Please do not miss this…there is no coming back from this one.
  5. The quarter finals have been restored to the National Tier 1 tournament for all levels. So it is back to what it was. The AHAI state tournament will follow the national tournament game formats – so we will have the same game lengths as Nationals.
  6. Lastly – AHAI has removed the requirement for a Tier 1 ADM AHAI U9 to have a Mite ADM team as well; therefore you can now have a 9 year old team only, registered as a tier 3 team. That means you still have to follow the AHAI ADM Tier 1 guidelines for such a team, but the player could also sign up for a Tier 2 team simultaneously. The rules and limits for this ADM team are the same as last year i.e. no full ice games until Thanksgiving, and only 12 full ice games for the season.

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