Ask AHAI: Clarification of Tier II Player Movement

QUESTION: The rule states that individuals who played for a club that does not field a team at a level will not count against the maximum for the club in which the player moves. I have a question that relates to this rule in the following scenario:

A child stays with their club through Pee Wee at Club #1 at the NIHL level but moves to Club #2 for the CSDHL league that is not offered at Club #1. Does this rule above apply or does it only apply if no Bantam team is offered at Club # 1?

ANSWER: I believe I understand your question. The rule is correct for the “level”.  Tier 2 is a level. So whether or not a hockey club offers, or has a CSDHL or NIHL team, at a level, is immaterial. The aspect of the rule you site is only applicable if Club #1 offers no Bantam Tier 2 team. Whether or not that team is CSDHL or NIHL would not matter. The player cannot “chase” what might be perceived to be a better team in the CSDHL. The player still has a place to play hockey at Club #1.

For clarity, all of Tier 2 is to be “community based hockey” (while Tier 1 is Open Hockey). That means you should play where you live, or in close proximity. This provide parity among the Illinois teams, and also the similar team in other affiliates or states, who MUST play where they live. Without this parity, Illinois Tier 2 teams would not be permitted to participate in Tier 2 hockey in the USA.

I hope that makes it a bit clearer.  If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to “Ask AHAI”.

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