Ask the Official: Dislodged Net

By Dave Zednik, IHOA VP of Rules & Ethics


QUESTION: During a game the net was dislodged (about 12″). Our goalie tried to get the attention of the refs while play continued. About 10 seconds later, with the net still off, the other team scored. I immediately pointed out the net being dislodged. Although they didn’t notice the net was off until then, both officials acknowledged the net was off before the goal was scored, yet still allowed the goal. One ref said the net being off didn’t affect play. The other said he couldn’t wave off a goal after it’s been signaled.

ANSWER: Play should be stopped as soon as the goal frame is dislodged from its normal position (Rule 610[e]) and the officials should disallow any goal if they are 100% certain the puck entered the goal after it was displaced.

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