Ask AHAI: Q&A session regarding Tier I (AAA) goalie/player removal, roster size, player addition and State Tournament eligibility

Please note: All of the following questions and answers are regarding Tier I (AAA) rules for goalie/player removal, roster size, adding a player and State Tournament eligibility.

QUESTION: Our team recently had a goalie go down for the year with a bad knee injury. We received a letter from the parent stating that he is done for the season. Can the goalie be removed from our roster?

ANSWER: Yes, the goalie may be removed as long as you have acceptance and concurrence from the parents.

QUESTION: As far as replacing the goalie/player that was removed, is it true that a team may not have more than 20 players on their roster?

ANSWER: That is correct. If you currently have a roster of 20, one must be removed (as per previous question) before another can be added.

QUESTION: Does adding a player need to be a unanimous decision by the AHAI Board, assuming, of course, that we have letter from Goalie’s dad and a letter of release from current/former team of the player to be added.

ANSWER: Roster additions are usually conducted by an e-vote by the AHAI Board. Like any other vote, all that is required to pass is a simple majority, or 8 of 15 votes in favor.

QUESTION: Is there an AHAI rule stating that we must have two goalies on our roster?

ANSWER: Yes, you should have two goalies on every roster. That is not a hard and fast rule as sometimes a second goalie is not always available.

QUESTION: Is there a rule that we cannot dress more than 18 skaters for a game? For example, could we dress 13 forwards, 6 defenseman and one goalie?

ANSWER: You cannot dress more than 18 skaters maximum and 2 goalies, maximum. This is a USA Hockey roster rule and cannot be changed by AHAI. To be clear, you cannot have 19 skaters – 18 is the limit. You may have 3 or more goalies on a roster, but only 2 may dress at any given time and be on the bench. And, yes, the maximum on any roster is 20 players.

QUESTION: Does adding a player before December 31 create any limitations for that player to take part in State playoffs, regionals and nationals?

ANSWER: Yes, it does.

QUESTION: Does the newly added player have to play 10 games prior to January 1 to be eligible for the State Tournament? If so, how does that apply to teams where injury to the original player happens this late?

ANSWER: Just a note that all the answers to your questions can be found in the Annual AHAI Guidebook. Although sometimes they are hard to find, they are there.

Your answer can be found in the Rules & Regulations, Article 5.2: A player can only be added to a roster up until December 31 at midnight. The approval to add that player must come from an AHAI vote. In Article 5.2 you will see that the player added by December 31 must play in a minimum of 10 games for that club – and play in 75% of the team’s remaining games from the time he is added to the roster until the State Tournament starts.

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