Stand by Nancy Pape: Long Time Hockey Family Needs Our Support

Dear Hockey Community – A wonderful long time hockey family with boys playing with both the Blues and Wolfpack could use assistance in funding a new treatment for a very challenging battle.

Please help me raise money for my sister in law, Nancy. She currently has stage 4 breast cancer. She is a wife and a mother of 3 amazing boys. She supports them in everything they do.  However, Nancy is struggling to make ends meet while allowing them to continue playing hockey and keeping up on her own medical bills. Even with insurance, her medical bills are such a burden.

Nancy’s greatest joy is watching her boy’s games and seeing how much happiness it brings them to belong to a team. Her family takes part in the hockey and the wrestling communities. She does not want these privileges to change for them. Nancy is also trying to include some homeopathic treatments for herself, to help relieve symptoms and improve her daily living. These are also costly.

Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. In the summer of 2014 she underwent chemotherapy.  Fall of 2014 she underwent radiation. In February 2016 she had a recurrence in the same breast and underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction.  In Aug 2016 some skin lesions were found in the same breast and Nancy had surgery to remove the skin. In fall of 2016 she had chemotherapy treatment again. In January 2017 she had radiation. In spring of 2017 skin mets on her arm.  She started on oral meds and in August 2017 was switched to a new oral medicine because of the horrendous pain and rash in her arm. In October 2017, a progression of skin mets brought her to starting on an IV chemo, which is where she is today. It’s been such a rough road for Nancy.

This has not been easy on Nancy and her family. No one should have to worry about finances this much as well as taking care of her own needs.  Some days the pain gets unbearable and all she can do is try to manage that.  Please consider donating big or small, as every penny helps!

I cannot thank you enough! DONATE NOW>>

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