Ask AHAI: Isn’t there an AHAI Checking Clinic?

QUESTION: Isn’t there an AHAI Checking clinic?

ANSWER: There is no Bantam checking clinic requirement within AHAI’s rules. I think you are looking for the NIHL requirement for said clinic – NIHL does have a requirement to attend a checking clinic before playing Bantam-age hockey.

AHAI subscribes to the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) of progressively teaching all players about body contact from Mite through Pee Wee; angling a player right up through full body contact. Thus they should be ready for full body contact at Bantam age. These are the ADM progressive steps every youth coach should be taking with our players. It is through this progressive process that AHAI is trying to assure the safety of our players. If your youth coach is NOT featuring these ADM techniques, then you should speak to him and the club about their inclusion in practice, and execution in games.

If you are still looking for a clinic, may I suggest you contact your own club or NIHL for suggestions.

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