2nd Annual Shoot Down Alzheimer’s Event

By Jamie McCarthy

Our moms are our backbones. They spoon-fed us as babies, listened to our friend dramas, and raised us to be the people we are. How would our lives be if we hadn’t been raised by our mothers? As I’ve been learning for the past three years: difficult.

My mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease when I was going into my freshman year of high school. The disease has viciously eaten away at the bearer of my life, leaving my family continually devastated at its sins. We have slowly been losing a wife and a mother, but as the disease has grown more destructive, I’ve grown more dedicated to the cause of its cure. This will be the second year of the “Shoot Down Alzheimer’s” fundraiser, which will be done with my team, Sabres 19U, on February 25th. Last year with Fenwick Hockey, we raised over six-thousand dollars to support the Greater Chicago Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. This year looks to be even more successful.

The event includes a silent raffle, a bake sale, and a great game between the Sabres 19U and the Fury 16U girls, many of whom I played with at the Vikings and remain my closest friends. The support surrounding the event is so strong, and we hope to channel that strength into donations towards the cure of Alzheimer’s. We will not stop until no one has to go through the pain my mom endures every day.

Join us on February 25th at All Seasons Ice Rinks in Aurora, IL at 10am for the opportunity to win a signed United States Women’s Olympic hockey jersey, a night out to a Blackhawks game, and much more for the cause of Alzheimer’s, because together, we can “Shoot Down Alzheimer’s.”

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