Ask the Official: Delayed Penalty and Disallowing a Goal

By Dave Zednik, IHOA VP of Rules & Ethics

QUESTION: During a game, a player from Team A chipped the puck into the zone, then crosschecked an opponent (I signaled a delayed penalty). The puck then bounced over the goalie into the net.

I disallowed the goal because a goal cannot be scored on a delayed penalty by the offending team. My partner says I should have allowed the goal, because the “shot” was taken before the infraction occurred. Did I make the right call?

ANSWER: The “spirit and intent” of the USA Hockey Playing Rules is a team cannot score a goal during a delayed calling of a rule infraction. Your situation with the penalty infraction is similar to a player shooting the puck into the attacking zone with a teammate already in the zone (off-side). This play creates a delayed off-side situation (assuming the age level) that nullifies the goal if the puck enters the net, even if the teammate “tags up” the blue line before the pucks enters the goal.

This same “spirit and intent” would be applied to a player who shoots the puck and high-sticks an opponent on the “follow through” of the shot, or a player who commits an infraction as his teammate is shooting the puck into the goal. The “spirit” of the rules are you cannot score a goal with a pending rule infraction call.

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