2018 Disabled Hockey Festival, And Its Importance to the Culture of Illinois

By Nate Johnson, Goaltender for the Blackhawks Warriors

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going to sit here and give you every important detail, but these two links below…

compose just a fraction, of what the 2018 Disabled Hockey Festival is bringing to Illinois, as far as culture of hockey, and awareness. Coming from an upbringing where Hockey wasn’t a normal thing, or even an avenue of sport I could venture to, I cannot stress how eye opening this festival is to everyone. Have you ever seen a blind hockey game? No? That’s because you probably didn’t know Blind hockey exists, or that two of the Chicago Blackhawk Warriors coach them in their free time. Or that Illinois has produced at least 2 Paralympian’s going to south Korea to play sled hockey for team USA. This festival brings ice hockey, togetherness, and awareness to places that has never had it, nor acknowledged the benefits that the sport can bring. The entrance price is free.99 and the enjoyment of watching ice hockey… Priceless. I’m not asking you to paint a billboard, But I’m asking you if you have the time to come watch these amazing people play ice hockey, you should. Not just the veterans, not just the blind hockey teams, and not the sled hockey teams, but us as a collective group of ice hockey players, We support each other and our communities. And that includes you too.

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