Ask AHAI: What is the process for rule changes within AHAI?

By Mike Mullally, AHAI Director

QUESTION: I have heard that AHAI Committees dictate what happens in Illinois hockey. What is the process for rule changes within AHAI?

ANSWER: That is a common misconception. For AHAI bylaws – only the members can vote to change AHAI’s bylaws. For AHAI rules – only the AHAI volunteer board can change AHAI’s rules. The committees are permitted to change their procedures only. The chair of any committee or any member can only recommend to the AHAI Board to change a rule. But no committee chair can change any AHAI rule by him or herself. The AHAI Board must ratify any change in rules. Only you, the membership, through the vote of your club, may modify or change any of AHAI’s bylaws.

Likewise, only the vote of the volunteer directors of USA Hockey may modify any of USA Hockey’s rules and regulations.

I hope that sheds a bit of light on how AHAI and USA Hockey operates.

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