Ask AHAI: AHAI Board Member Compensation & Committee Chairman Decisions

By Mike Mullally, AHAI Director

QUESTION: I had heard that the compensation AHAI Board members receive is quite unreasonable (they are paid too much) and committee chairmen can make decisions at their whim.  – A concerned member club within AHAI

ANSWER: The fifteen (15) AHAI Board members are not paid or financially compensated in any way. It is only out of their loyalty and devotion to the sport that they offer their time. Each of the 15 board members that the AHAI membership votes in as directors, volunteers their time, energy and knowledge. The same is true of USA Hockey’s board members; they run USA Hockey and all directors are elected volunteers.

AHAI committee chairmen do not make decisions on their own. They can only enforce the rule as written. To change any rule, a committee (chairman) must make a recommendation to the AHAI Board for approval. The AHAI Board is the only one that can make any changes to rules. By laws are only approved by members (that’s you), AHAI rules are only amended by the AHAI Board, and committees (chairman) may only modify process procedures within its committee.

I am glad you asked this question, as many members do not understand that AHAI and USA Hockey are run by volunteers, just like you.

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