Ask AHAI: Is the High School Showcase Team Participating in a Showcase in Minnesota in September?

By Mike Mullally, AHAI Director


QUESTION: I heard the AHAI High School Showcase team is participating in a Showcase in Minnesota this fall instead of the America’s Showcase in St. Louis in April of 2019. Is that true?

ANSWER: This year AHAI will run a pilot program with another “showcase” offered by the NAPHL. In September, the Illinois High School leagues will chose players for a single 40 player maximum tryout to form a Fall Showcase team. We will still have the normal spring High School Showcase team as AHAI has for the past 33 years, competing in St. Louis. But September 20-23 this 2018-19 season, the NAPHL will offer a high school division in which Illinois will participate. As this event coincides with the NAHL and the NA3HL showcase events in Blaine, Minnesota, AHAI will attempt to provide additional Junior level and College scout exposure for our Illinois high school players. Players will be chosen at the single tryout based on skills displayed at that tryout only. The costs of the Showcase event itself – jerseys, socks and coaching will be borne by AHAI, while the costs for the players travel, hotel and meals will be borne by the player. We are hopeful this event will be impactful for our Illinois High School players.

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