Girls Beat: Latest USA Hockey & AHAI Updates on 12U Girls Playing Up on a 14U Team

By Anita Lichterman, AHAI Girls’ Commitee Chair

USA Hockey Rule: 12U Girls Playing Up on 14U Team:
On June 9, 2018, USA Hockey approved a proposal to allow 12U players to play up on a 14U team with the following conditions (this is only at the Tier II level):
a.  No more than 3 12U players with a 2006 birth year will be permitted to play up if needed to field a Girls’ 14U team with a roster size recommended by the ADM (the roster size for this age group is 16 skaters & 2 goalies); or,
b.  There is no 12U Girls team available in the local geographic area

The intent of this approval is mainly for those in more rural areas where gathering female hockey players together is more difficult & the purpose is to give more opportunities to these same females to play on an All Girls’ team.

AHAI Information Regarding Number of 12 Year Old Players Allowed on 14U Tier II Team:
AHAI will allow for up to 3 players age 12 to be rostered on a 14U Girls’ team if they are needed to allow an organization to field a 14U team. However, this will not be allowed at the expense of an organization’s current 14U player to be cut simply to move up a 12 year old, nor at the expense of an Organization’s 12U team. All Organizations will be required to submit a petition to the AHAI Girls Committee for review regardless of the number of 12 year olds playing up.
Thank you and good luck to all with tryouts!
Anita Lichterman
AHAI Girls’ Committee Chair

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