Ask the Official: Electronic Devices on the Bench

By Dave Zednik, IHOA Rules & Ethics Chairman

QUESTION: Are electronic devices permitted on the bench?  What is the infraction and is the device removed?

ANSWER: Yes, except to challenge or dispute a game official’s decision while the game is in progress. The penalty for this violation is a Bench Minor. Two-way radio and diagram plays are permitted. It would not be practical to expect the officials to confiscate an expensive electronic device that is the personal property of the coach. As long as the equipment is turned off and either removed from the bench, or set to the side, the requirement of the rule has been met and play should be allowed to continue. However, if the device were to be used illegally at a later time, the team would be subject to additional penalties according to the rules. 308(b,c).

308 (b) No electronic device shall be used to question, challenge or dispute a game official’s decision or judgment while the game is in progress.
308 (c) For violation, the team will be assessed a bench minor penalty for an equipment violation.

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