Ask the Official: Degree of Force Needed for Hooking Penalty

By Dave Zednik, IHOA Rules & Ethics Chairman

QUESTION: What degree of force is necessary for either a hooking or slashing penalty to be assessed under the Standard of Play guidelines?

ANSWER: For hooking, any use of the stick against an opponent’s body that allows the player to gain a positional advantage should be penalized. Examples include a tug or pull that allows space between the opponents to be diminished, impeding the opponent’s progress or causes a loss of balance or a subtle push or tug on the hand/arm that prevents the opponent from being able to pass or shoot the puck with normal force.

For slashing, any slashing motion that makes contact with the hands, arms or body of the opponent must be penalized. In addition, any hard slashes to the upper portion of the stick (just below the hands of the opponent), with no attempt to legally play the puck, shall also be penalized.

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