Jack Weinberg’s Illinois High School Hockey Update

By Jack Weinberg – Chairman AHAI High School Committee

The season has begun, and we are already playing lots of games. It is a fun and exciting time of year. There are good things such as showcase and the goalie program that are happening and a few items like safety and equipment that need to be pointed out and in some cases corrected.

To begin with, our first effort in the Fall NAPHL Showcase in Blaine, Minn., is underway and it will be interesting to see how this tournament stacks up and how we do. Look forward to a report from the team upon their return.

The High School goalie program is up and running and thus far 33 goalies have already been placed by Bob Wagner. Bob is the coordinator of the program which finds excess goalies to fill in on teams that only have one or in a number of cases, no goalie at all. This is a vital program which enables surplus goalies to continue to play and gain experience while providing teams in need a valuable necessity, a goalie. These goalies play for one season for their adopted club and then return to the program they came from. In some cases these goalies come from high schools that do not have a hockey program to play in, still others may become back-ups (BUGS) for teams that only have one goalie. The AHAI High School rules provide for this essential program and still has some openings. There are teams in almost every geographic zone requesting a goalie. If you know a goalie that is attending high school and is not on a roster please contact Bob at rwags517@gmail.com. See the chart below of goalies that have been placed this year.


Proper equipment that fits and fastened as designed is essential to play the game safely. High School players are required to wear legal helmets, neck guards and mouth guards. These items should be worn as designed and not “customized” in such a way as to not be safe or illegal. A helmet that is so loose that it comes off when a player falls or is in physical contact is not safe or legal. If the helmet comes off in a confrontation like a fight, an escalated penalty may be called by the official on the player whose helmet comes off due to being worn wrong. Neck guards must be worn as the manufacturer designed it. Mouth guards are required and while the rules allow for unattached models, my personal belief is that the attached models keep the guard with the player. The guard that falls on the ice or the bench/locker room floor is not hygienic.

The other issue that I would like to remind everyone of is behavior. Respect for all participants by each other and the fans is key in providing a fair and safe game environment. Abuse by anyone will not be tolerated and dealt with appropriately. Cheer for your team and leave the coaching and refereeing alone. Players, coaches and officials earn your respect by giving it.

Good luck for a great season.

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