Wow! 374 Teams in NIHL for 2018-19 Season

By Ruben Medina, NIHL Statistician

The 374 teams that were declared to play in the 2018-2019 season establish an all-time record for highest team count in the Northern Illinois Hockey League!

Let’s do some math…. about 16 kids per team… times 374 teams… Whoa! That’s just about 6,000 players in NIHL. Add to that the team managers, coaching staffs and players’ parents and you have a really significant number of people who make up the NIHL community!

This year’s team count is 7% larger than last year’s which had been the previous record. More importantly, it is a huge jump of 39% over the total number of teams in the league 10 years ago. The hockey clubs and the rinks in our area are doing some really good work to grow the game, and NIHL is also working hard to be able to handle this large increase in the number of teams in the league.

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