Seeding is Believing

By Bob Apter, NIHL President

The Seeding Round for the 2018-2019 season is at its midpoint. Many people want to know why NIHL utilizes a Seeding Round in it’s best populated divisions.

The philosophy is this… by having teams play an 8-game Seeding Round we are able to gauge, through team performance on the ice, whether the teams’ organizations and hockey directors have made the proper decisions in placing their teams. Seeding also permits teams that are unsure if they can compete at a certain Metallic Level to have a chance to try it before being stuck there the entire year. The league knows that a season full of easy wins or lopsided defeats does not serve anyone well.

By realigning teams after Seeding we can offer the players a Regular Season with more meaningful, competitive games. This happens because the league uses game results to place teams in the appropriate Metallic Level (Elite, Gold, Silver A, Silver B, Bronze) and tier that best suits them. The result is that during the Regular Season they can truly compete for an opportunity to play in the NIHL Blackhawks Tournament.

NIHL will announce the Regular Season team placements to the public on October 30.

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