Ask the Official: Penalty for Removing Helmet During an Altercation


By Dave Zednik, IHOA VP of Rules & Ethics

QUESTION: Opposing players are involved in an altercation. Player B removes his own helmet and proceeds to continue the altercation. Player A’s helmet chin strap is not properly fastened and his helmet comes off of his head during the normal course of the altercation. The Referee determines that A’s helmet was not removed as a direct result of any deliberate action committed by the opposing player. What penalties, if any, should be assessed?

ANSWER: A match penalty plus game misconduct penalty is assessed to Player B and game misconduct to Player A. Rule Reference 615(c).

The match penalty is assessed to Player B for deliberately removing his own helmet. He also receives a game misconduct penalty (which carries a two game suspension) for his actions which caused his opponent’s helmet to be removed. The game misconduct penalty (one game suspension) is assessed to Player A because he was not properly wearing his helmet and it came off during the altercation. Both penalties are assessed in addition to any other penalties incurred during the altercation.

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