Ask the Official: Unobserved Goal


By Dave Zednik, IHOA VP of Rules & Ethics

QUESTION: The White team scores a goal that is unobserved by the Referee so play continues. At the next stoppage of play, which happens to be a goal scored by the Blue team, the Linesman informs the Referee of the White goal and it is determined that White did indeed score the goal. What actions should the Referee take in this instance?

ANSWER: The White goal is awarded, the Blue goal is not counted and the officials put time back on the clock to the point where the goal was scored by the White team. Rule Reference 617(a). Play would have technically stopped at the time that the White team had scored their goal, so any goal scored after that would not be counted (however, any penalties occurring would be assessed in the normal manner). The officials should use any resource available to them to best determine the time the White goal was scored so that time can be replaced on the clock and the game continued from that point.

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