Girls Hockey Around Illinois: CIGHA – What Makes a Family?

The First ‘All Girls’ Organization in ILLINOIS!

Born out of need and the desire to provide a place for girls to play hockey in Central Illinois, the Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association (CIGHA) was created. In just three short years, the Revolution has exploded with players and has made its impact in the girls’ hockey community. Everyone should take a play from the Revolution playbook and build families, not organizations or clubs. Everyone has a unique value to add, and everyone can contribute to the success of that Family! If you want to build an Elite Hockey Club, start by building an Elite Hockey Family and have a sustaining impact. – Anita Lichterman, AHAI Girls Chair

The Mission of the Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association

By Doug Kent, CIGHA President

CIGHA truly understands that every girl who ever participates with their club is a part of their family, no matter if she came to one learn to skate session or if she has been a part of the club since its inception. Every player, coach, and mentor who steps on the ice or cheers from the stands under the banner of the “Revolution” is a part of the FAMILY. Everyone knows virtually every member in the organization and every single one of them would do anything for another to make them feel welcome and valued. The largest trend that was woven into the fabric of the Revolution was the desire to keep everyone close. No matter the skill or development level of a player, CIGHA recognizes value in every female who hopes to fulfill her dreams of playing hockey. In this organization there is a place for every female. This type of perspective and belief ultimately builds a deep feeling of “Family”.

The Revolution is proud to have a strong membership base from local anchor communities Bloomington, Champaign, Pekin, Springfield and Peoria. CIGHA would not survive without the continued success of these key organizations and their support in building Girls Hockey and WE will forever be appreciative of those clubs and their families. It’s easy to join a club that is near home, but when you drive a long distance and are welcomed so effortlessly you’ve joined a family. The Revolution is proud to have families that have done just that! We have families that hail from Pleasant Prairie, WI; St. Louis, MO; Quad Cities (both Illinois and Iowa sides); Kankakee and Jacksonville.

What Our Families are Saying

“We happened to cross paths with Revolution when we were out of other options. They welcomed us in and made us feel like a part of the family, like we had always been there. This year, when we had other options, we chose to go back. We had a great season last year: my daughter had a lot of fun, made some good friends and showed a lot of improvement. We feel strongly that the program is heading in the right direction, and we want to be a part of that.” – Pleasant Prairie, WI Family                

“We are, and have been, in a unique situation to be able to choose from several clubs and organizations for our daughter’s goals to be achieved. We, as a family, and our daughter, as a player, chose to make the Revolution our home club. We did this because of the people, the coaches and all the players. The Revolution Girls Hockey Club is an excellent place to be and we are very glad that we made that choice.” – St Louis, MO Family

“We are very impressed with this Organization. Everyone is really excited and enthusiastic about it, and it is well-organized. Our daughter has never been so vocal about her desire to play for a team before.” – Quad Cities Family  

“Once I saw the look on my daughter’s face win or lose, practice or game. Then I knew it’s all worth it!” – Quad Cities Family 

“I know it’s crazy, and I know it’s far, but I really think this is the team for us. We are so happy to have our daughter playing for the Revolution!  She is having a blast playing the games, I have actually come to enjoy the drive to Bloomington…we have great conversations to pass the time.“ – Kankakee Family

“The 2 hour drive isn’t ideal but well worth it for the experience our daughter is enjoying.” – Quad Cities Family 

“When we left that day, we weren’t even out of Bloomington yet, when our daughter announced her decision that she wanted to join the Revolution. In the short time that we were there, she fell in love with her future teammates (who welcomed her in immediately), she fell in love with the thought of having teammates in her locker room for the first time in her hockey experience and most importantly, she recognized a coaching staff who cared for their players and was going to push them to be the best hockey players they could be, regardless of gender.” – Quad Cities Family

“Words are inadequate to describe the Revolution and its impact on my family.” – Gridley Family

“CIGHA is really and truly about the kids. They want to develop our girls as hockey players, but they also want to cultivate and grow a love for the game. We play hard, we practice hard, and we have a whole lot of fun.“ – Pekin Family

Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association doing it right, doing it proud and growing their FAMILY for years to come!

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