2018 IIHF Bio Series: Jack Raslawski

Jack Raslawski
Officials’ Category ~ Class of 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Raslawski had their two sons out there skating early when they lived in Chicago. Jon and Jack skated at the outdoor rinks in the parks and at the old Michael Kirby rink. When Jack was in second grade, the Raslawski family moved to Park Ridge. The boys were signed up in the Legendary Park Ridge Hornets program and one of their first coaches was Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame Honoured Member Harry Sator (2008). Jack played all of his amateur hockey with the Hornets and made the Maine South High School team coached by a very passionate and emotional young guy who grew up to be Jim Smith. (Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame 2007 and 2010.)

Jack signed up at age 11 to become an official with the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States (AHAUS). Park Ridge had a top shelf officiating program coordinated by Hall of Famers Sam Ferrara (2003), Danny Sullivan (2004) and Harry Sator (2008). Jack and his older brother Jon, who had also become an official, advanced quickly. Both sons playing and officiating meant a lot of driving for their Dad, Ted Raslawski. Jack, many times talks about how his Father “was always there, standing in the corner, watching us out on the ice.” Ted learned the rules so that he could discuss the games with his boys and he became better than many officials with knowledge of rules and interpretations.

Although there was not an “official title”, there was a training and development program here in Illinois that the Raslawski lads were selected for while they were in high school. The Raslawski boys were part of a group of young officials that have been described as the finest “class” of officials that Illinois has ever produced. Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame Honoured Members Matthew Nilles (2015), Scott Zelkin (2011), Derek Martin (2015), Scotty Brand (2012), Andy McElman (2010), Steve Glickman (2008), Al Stensland (2011), and Jonny Cerza (2018) were also part of that “class”. These young officials attended on ice and off ice sessions and were paired with experienced officials for advanced game assignments. This program was designed by Referee-in-Chief, Don Jan (2006) along with Illinois Hall of Fame Honoured Members Phillip Lovecchio (2007) and Joseph Prescott (2006 and 2007). One of the required parts of the Training and Development program was that the young officials would become actively involved in the annual officiating seminars for AHAUS and with the local officiating organization.

Jon and Jack have now been certified seminar instructors over thirty years. Jack served on and off the ice for local and National Programs with AHAUS | USA Hockey, The National Ice Hockey Officials Association, AHAI and IHOA. Jack drove thousands of miles skating in the United States Hockey League, Western Collegiate Hockey Association, and Central Collegiate Hockey Association, but made sure to complete his education. Jack married Jacquie in 1991, and in early 1993, their son Kody arrived. In September of 1996, their daughter Fagan was “added to the roster”. During these early years of their happy union, Jack was a Paramedic with the Lake Villa Rescue Squad, then joined the Lake County coroner’s office as a death investigator, and now works for Abbott as a program manager in Crisis Management.

Jack was elected multiple times as a director of the local officiating organization, IHOA. As a Director, Jack was then elected to leadership positions as Seminar Coordinator, Vice-President, and then Referee-in Chief. Jack served as the Supervisor of Officials for our local USA Hockey Affiliate, AHAI, and still serves as a member of the Rules and Ethics and High School Committees.

While Jack was Referee-in-Chief/Supervisor of Officials, he became very involved with many special needs programs. Jack continues this service as a valued member of the USA Hockey Disabled Hockey programs, Chicago Blackhawks Warriors and sled hockey programs and the Illinois Special Olympics Floor Hockey Program. This past May, Jack was a vital part of the USA Hockey Disabled Festival held here in Illinois.  Recently, Jack was selected to be the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey Team, which will be playing in Lake County.

Jack now joins his brother, Jon, in the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame, Jon became an Honoured Member in 2014. Both of them have credited their successes to their coaches, instructors, supervisors, and their wonderful mother and father. Their father, Ted, served for decades as a volunteer off-ice official and coordinator of operations for many state and national tournaments. Joseph Patrick Prescott, or “Pops”, has always been a supportive mentor that Jack always has, and will, cherish greatly.

Jack still “laces them up and goes out there” as a referee and linesman each week for all levels of amateur hockey. He is consistently recognized by coaches, supervisors, players, and parents as one of the hardest working and passionate officials involved in Our Game.

NOTES: The 2018 IHHF Induction Dinner will be held in their honour on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at the Belvedere Banquet Hall located at 1170 West Devon Avenue in Elk Grove Village beginning at 5:00 pm. Tickets are available by contacting Norm Spiegel at 847/269-2922 or e-mail Norm at jacole@comcast.net.

The Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor the tremendous contributions of individuals who, through their dedication and tireless efforts, helped to pave the way for the future generations of kids and adults to enjoy the great sport of ice hockey.

The mission statement of the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame is as follows:
“To honor the excellence of those individuals who, through their exceptional endeavors both on and off the ice, have contributed in an extraordinary way to enhance the sport and image of hockey in Illinois.”

The IHHF Selection Committee consists of all of the living past and present presidents of the Amateur Hockey Association Illinois, Inc. Please click HERE for further information.

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