5th Annual Bonnie’s Skate for a Cure a Huge Success

By Andrew Merz

The 5th annual Bonnie’s Skate for a Cure took place on December 22nd, 2018. Over 50 skaters ranging from 5 to 45 years old donned their black and white “77” jerseys and lined up on the blue lines at Crystal Ice House in Crystal Lake for the national anthem before separating into teams spread across 3 sheets of ice for scrimmages. Their families filled the bleachers and cheered on both sides as teammates, friends, and siblings played on opposing teams.

The event is held to encourage female skaters begin and continue to play hockey while also promoting awareness and fundraising to assist families who have children fighting cancer. The event is hosted by the Give Bonnie Strong 77 Foundation. The Foundation was established in honor of Bonnie Vonder Haar who played hockey for the Yellowjackets. She passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in 2014. She was an avid hockey player, and the event was originally an opportunity to get her teammates and friends on the ice to celebrate her life. It has expanded to include members from a variety of teams/clubs including college players.

If you would like to support the foundation, consider attending future events like our annual 5k scheduled for July 21st, 2019. You can learn more by emailing info@givebonniestrong77.org or visiting our website: givebonniestrong77.org.

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