Ask the Official: Missing Proper Chin Straps


By Dave Zednik, IHOA VP of Rules & Ethics

QUESTION: A coach indicated that his helmets did not have the fabric strap that goes under the chin. They just had straps that attached from the cage to the side of the helmet and seat the cup to the chin. Just curious if I should give a warning for lack of chin strap or not.

ANSWER: All hockey helmets are designed with a chin-strap that runs from ear to ear and is designed to keep the helmet on the player’s head. If a player didn’t wear a face-mask there would be no other way to keep the helmet on the player’s head.

The face-mask straps (straps which run from the chin cup at the base of the face-mask to snaps usually located behind the ear) do not qualify as chin straps. They are designed to keep the face-mask in place, but do not hook under the chin to keep the helmet on the player.

Any player who is missing a proper chin-strap may not participate in the game until it is replaced.

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