Ask AHAI: State Tournament Schedule Conflicts

By Mike Mullally, AHAI Director

QUESTION: I have heard that there are conflicts with AHAI games and events and AHAI will not move any dates? Any truth to that?

ANSWER:  Yes that is true.  AHAI cannot move dates of games. The dates of games and events are set more than a year in advance, in April-May of the previous year.  We have no idea what Clubs, teams, or players will be seeded into the State Tournament events. First, all the “seeding” of every State Tournament is based on the ranking of those teams by the coaches of the respective teams. AHAI has no influence over the positioning of the teams. Secondly, The progression in any State event is based on which team wins and which team loses which games. Again, AHAI has no influence on the progression of a given team in the State Tournaments. AHAI cannot predict which players will be on what teams and what those teams will do in terms of winning and losing. Lastly, if AHAI were to move any single game for anyone (team/player/double roster), there would then be an avalanche of requests to move game times.

We have over 300+ teams in the Tier II State tournament, over 125 teams in the High School tournament, 47 teams in the Tier I State Tournament, and 23 teams in Girls: all that game play takes place within a 2-3 week time frame and the game times and dates have been fixed for almost one year. Conflicts among individual players and especially double rostered players is most definitely going to happen.


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