Pucks for Autism: #Inclusion Event at the Allstate Arena

By Shawn Pfeiffer

On April 14th, Pucks for Autism will host an Autism Inclusion Event at the Chicago Wolves game. For a typical young child, an event filled with a lot of action, loud noises, and spectacular light shows is an incredible experience.

For a lot of children on the Autism spectrum, it is extremely overwhelming. For the parents, they don’t want to risk their child becoming overwhelmed and potentially have people judge their child for having a meltdown or a reaction that is not considered “normal”. At Pucks for Autism, we are looking to make an impact and ensure that hockey game experiences can be enjoyed by all.

We are providing free Sensory Bags (valued at $25 per bag), which include noise cancelling headphones, fidget devices, and others tool that can help promote a better experience. The Chicago Wolves has allocated seating in an area with less noise and activity. We will also have experienced professionals who will be at the game that will be able to provide assistance for kids and adults on the Autism spectrum if they become overwhelmed.

We need all of the help from the hockey community to help support Inclusion and making accommodations for those that truly need it to enjoy the amazing experience of a professional hockey game!  Please click here for a link to our event. We hope to see you there!

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