Ask AHAI: Tier II 2 Choice Rule & Mite Hockey

By Mike Mullally, AHAI Director

QUESTION: I have a question concerning the 2 choice rule. After reading the rule I’m still unclear. My child plays mite hockey for a CUHL team. Does this count toward the 2 choice rule when he becomes a squirt?

ANSWER:  No, it does not count as a choice. The answer is based on:

2.7 TIER II CHOICE/MOVEMENT RULES (The purpose of this rule is to emulate the concept of community based hockey in the State of Illinois).

2) AHAI 8U Two Choice Clarifications: In an effort to clarify the AHAI Tier II Choice Rule as it applies to 8U/ Mites, AHAI releases the following: ANY USA Hockey registered 8U/Mite players for the playing seasons (beginning in the 2014/15 season) will not be assessed with a choice exception toward the AHAI rule; Article 2.7. 2.7.2.

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