Illinois Girls America’s Showcase Team Ends Showcase Appearance with Big Win!

By Anita Lichterman, AHAI Girls Committee Chair

America’s Showcase is all about hockey players having an opportunity to be seen by college coaches and scouts. This year’s Team (click HERE for roster) showed just how great these young women really are both on and off the ice. A rocky start against Minnesota White had the team skating hard and not giving up. Our team dinner and team building activity were next and something began to change…our next game against Colorado was hard fought and our first goal of the Showcase scored. By our third game against Pacific passing was crisp; players were looking for each other and there was lots of chatter on the ice. We ended up losing to Pacific 5-3 and it was like watching a completely different team. Our fourth game against Indiana proved to be an explosion in more ways than one culminating into a huge 10-2 victory. However, these young ladies won so much more in this game – they became a team, they became teammates. Going off to college is about meeting new people from different walks of life, making new friends and learning to work together within each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Communication is a huge part of this and for these 15 players it became the key to their success in game 4.

I want to take this moment to personally thank each player for being part of the 2019 Illinois Girls’ Team. I’m very proud of the way you all represented yourselves and AHAI.

Another huge thank you to our coaches who once again taught the players that there is more to the sport of hockey then what happens out on the ice. Our coaches not only coached our team, but also officiated in the Showcase this past weekend. They were present when players spoke with the college scouts and coaches; they were also present at every team meal and team building activity; they treated the team as a college team.

Thank you 2019 Illinois Girls Showcase Team!

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