New Season Approaches: Some High School Rule Changes and A Date to Remember

By Jack Weinberg, AHAI High School Committee Chairman

The most important new rule to be aware of in High School hockey this year is the minimum player requirement. All boys high school teams will need to have a minimum of 14 distinct skaters plus at least 1 goalie to qualify and receive a certified roster from the AHAI Registrar for the upcoming fall season. This increase came as a recommendation to the AHAI board from the High School Committee and was primarily adopted to help increase the safety of the players. There have been many instances where due to injuries and suspensions that available players for a game have diminished to an “unsafe” number. The minimum must be reached before the team plays their first game of the season or they may not play as they will not have a certified roster.

This year all combined organizations will have a thirty day period to file their complete Combined Applications. The electronic applications will available online beginning June 1st and will close June 30th. This application continues to develop, make sure you answer all of the questions including what is your home rink. This is important when the committee considers the distances that need to be traveled by players.

An exception has been added to the 7-up rule. A organization that has more than 2 teams may petition to bring up a player from a team below if they have dropped to an unreasonable number of players in the opinion of the High School Committee. If approved, the player must added to the certified roster and be approved by the AHAI registrar. If it involves league play, the addition must also be approved by the league. This may not be done to provide a team a competitive advantage. This is only for moving a player up, not down. The rest of the provisions of the 7-up – 7-down rules stay in effect.

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