Ask AHAI: Girls’ Two Choice Rule

QUESTION: Does the Two Choice Rule apply to girls playing specifically on Girls Tier II teams? I don’t have a girl myself but I could have sworn that I saw in your last issue of Snapshot that the Two Choice Rule would apply to girls this year. I asked a friend who has a Tier II girl and they were unaware. I wanted to confirm whether I was correct or not. Thanks!

ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Two Choice Rule. Beginning with the 2019-20 regular season, Girls’ teams will begin the implementation of the 2-Choice rule. The all-girls team a player plays on this season will be considered her 1st choice. As tiering does not exist in Girls’ Hockey, it will not matter if the organization/club is Park District or Tier II. For those female players that double roster, this choice will only apply to movement between all-girls teams, and not affect her movement in Tier II Youth. The double rostered female player is still required to abide by the Tier II Two Choice Rule for their respective youth team(s). If you should have any other questions regarding the Girls Two Choice Rule, please contact Anita Lichterman, AHAI Girls Chair at

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