Coaches, Do You Want Stronger Officiating?

By Carl Sassolino, IHOA Vice President

Coaches, do you want stronger officiating? It does not matter if this is your first year coaching or your twenty-fifth year as a coach. Let’s work together to accomplish this.

USA Hockey, AHAI and IHOA have been working hard to continue a Mentoring Program for new officials. You may have noticed at some of the lower level games such as Mites 8U, Squirts 10U and even some PeeWee 12U games, an increase in the number of games where there is a Mentor shadowing (coaching) a new official. This is not the time to be ‘working’ the new official. This is when a new official is working their first or second game ever as an official and needs some help from the Mentor in the basics of officiating when it comes to offsides, icings and calling the standard of play. You as a coach can make a world of difference in the development of this new official.

We have listened to the feedback from the coaching community and all Mentors have been instructed on ‘getting the call right first’, then using that call as a teaching and/or coaching opportunity for the new officials.

With your continued support and encouragement, together we can and will make these new officials stronger and more confident in the future.

The Mentoring Program can always be reached at

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