The Second Family

By Jack Weinberg, AHAI High School Committee Chair

Recently, one of our fellow High School coaches and AHAI High School Committee members lost his father after a long and difficult period. The tremendous hours that are devoted to running a High School program combined with running a business and being there for an ailing parent is obviously stressful. Not short changing any of these responsibilities is almost impossible.

It was heartwarming to see family, work family and hockey family all come together to acknowledge the incredible effort made by our friend, Evan Poulakidas (Head Coach, Glenbrook North). Seeing the clean and pressed Glenbrook North Jerseys stream in one after another worn by a group of well put together and respectful young men made quite an impression on me and everyone in the Church.

It is at these times that I am certain that the efforts made by everyone in the hockey community is all worthwhile. The respect for their coach and his family was proof of the qualities obtainable in these young men.

I hope their parents were as proud of them at that moment as I was. I am sure the Poulakidas family was touched as well.

Photo: Coach Evan Poulakidas and his Spartans capturing the 25th annual High School Holiday Hockey Classic championship title in Bensenville, Illinois.

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