A Step aHead’s “The Next Step” Survey

Nine years ago the Chicago Blackhawks, the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois, Athletico Physical Therapy and Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth created the “A Step aHead” program. The program had two stated goals: (1) provide free baseline neurocognitive testing for AHAI players and (2) to be a resource for education on concussions to the youth hockey community. However, we also understood that there are other important topics relevant to youth athletes. For this reason, two years ago we expanded the program to address a multitude of health and safety issues. We call this new program, “A Step aHead presents the Next Step.”
We want to understand the needs of the youth hockey community. We ask that you take just a moment to complete this brief survey. The results are entirely anonymous. We will publish the results in an upcoming AHAI newsletter. Thank you for your time and your interest in youth hockey safety!

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