Ask the Official: Injured Goalkeeper


By Dave Zednik, IHOA Registrar

QUESTION: A team has only one goalkeeper and he is injured during the course of the game and unable to continue. May any player take up the goalkeeper’s position?

ANSWER: Yes. Rule References 206(b), 203(d) and Glossary.

In all games all teams are requested to have a substitute goalkeeper dressed and ready to play at the beginning of the game. In the case of a team having only one goalkeeper dressed and he becomes unable to play for any reason, the team must resume play immediately. The team may elect:

(1) To play the remainder of the game using an extra “player,” thereby having six players on the ice, none of whom are designated as a goalkeeper with goalkeeper’s privileges and restrictions.

(2) To delay the game momentarily while a “temporary” goalkeeper acquires the chest protector, gloves and stick of the goalkeeper. He shall have all goalkeeper’s privileges and restrictions. He may return to his normal position if a substitute goalkeeper becomes designated or if the original goalkeeper returns. The “temporary” goalkeeper must remain the temporary goalkeeper until a substitute becomes available, the original goalkeeper returns or he is required to leave the ice due to a penalty or injury.

(3) To continue playing under 1 or 2 while another player goes to the dressing room to change into complete goalkeeper’s equipment. That player may then be designated as the substitute goalkeeper.

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