Where Do I Belong?

By Jack Weinberg AHAI High School Committee Chairman

There seems to be some confusion as to where participants and fans belong at the rink. The player benches are restricted for safety and administrative reasons to specific numbers and types of people. A team may only have twenty players including 2 goalies for any game. A total of 4 coaches maximum are allowed on the bench.

In some cases there will be an adult in the penalty box to open and close the door; they may not be coaching, interfacing with on-ice officials or cheering. They are minor officials as are the scorekeeper and clock operator. They cease to be allowed to do anything but the specific task for which they are in those areas. If they do, they will be removed from those special areas.

A certified professional trainer hired by the team may be on the bench if they have the proper credentials, but should not attempt to treat a player while on the bench. The player and trainer should move to a safe area behind the glass so they do not get hurt while they are distracted from watching the game. Photographers do not belong on the bench area at any time during the game.

Parents and fans do not belong on the bench, nor should they hang over the glass or attempt to engage an official in any sort of dialog. The USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy which is available online, is designed to keep the game civil, safe and enjoyable for everyone at the rink. It is in force at every USA Hockey sanctioned game.

Please observe these restrictions at all games in order to help keep the game safe and enjoyable for all.

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