Chicago Hockey Strong Hoodie Benefit

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By Michael Luciano, Team Illinois Parent –  Hockey is a game of emotions with many highs and lows. What make the season bearable are the people with whom you spend every day, night, and weekend. Your team becomes your hockey FAMILY. Through thick and thin hockey families are one of a kind and stick together! As hockey parents you never want to hear about another hockey family that has suffered tragedy. As many may have heard, we lost a fellow mate in November, Gabe Remy of the Chicago Fury. To show our Chicago Hockey support, we have created a hoodie. This hoodie doesn’t symbolize a specific team we play for, but our unity for our sport and fellow hockey families – Chicago Hockey Strong.
Through this effort, hoodie proceeds will go to the family of Gabe Remy. The Chicago Hockey Strong hoodie is $40 and includes personalized number and your choice of color. Interested? Please email to place an order. Please include your color choice, size, number, and contact information.


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