Ask the Official: Premature Substitution for the Goalkeeper


By Dave Zednik, IHOA Registrar

QUESTION: Team A, losing late in the game, substitutes its goalkeeper for an extra attacker. Before the change is completed, Team B gains possession of the puck and carries it into Team A’s Defending Zone. The substitute player for the goalkeeper goes onto the ice before the goalkeeper is at the players’ bench and out of play (noted by the back Linesman). A Team A player gains possession of the puck behind his own goal and the whistle stops play. Are any penalties to be assessed and where is the ensuing face-off to take place?

ANSWER: No penalties are to be assessed, as this is a “premature substitution for the goalkeeper” violation. The ensuing face-off must take place at the nearest end zone face-off spot. Rule Reference 205(c).

No penalty is assessed for premature substitution of the goalkeeper. Normally, the puck will be in the offending team’s attacking half of the ice when premature substitution occurs, in which case the ensuing face-off will take place at center ice. If the puck is in the offending team’s defending half of the ice, as in this situation, the ensuing face-off will become a last play face-off.

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